Scrum is not a Substitute for Common Sense

Have you encountered these situations below?

  • We are adopting Scrum, I want my team/management/organization to listen to me, but they are not listening to me, what should I do?
  • Scrum says self-organizing teams, so I (manager/scrum master) am going let them figure out everything. Am I doing it right?
  • We want our estimates to be accurate, what should we do?
  • How do I motivate Development Team members? 
  • My team members are having a conflict, what should I do about it?
  • How can I have a “high performing” team?

Scrum is built on Empiricism – have artifacts transparent, inspect then adapt. Simple, that is all to it. Simple, but not easy because it is subtle. Subtle because Scrum does not tell you how to solve the problem. If you think about Scrum as an organizational debugging tool, it just uncovers problems. And problem solving becomes easy if we start applying common sense instead of looking at Scrum for answers or trying to change the Scrum framework.


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