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Scrum Guide Updates – My wishlist

The current version of The Scrum Guide is getting updated. Here are the things I wish the new updates could address (a) Daily Scrum (b)Development Team (c) Product Owner (d) Sprint Backlog and incomplete PBIs at the end of the Sprint (e) Acceptance of Work by Product Owner (f) Increment (g) What is the Product

Product Increment

Understanding “undone” Work

The concept of "undone" work does not exist in Scrum today, but nevertheless, it makes sense to understand this concept when Scaling Scrum .¬† Most people confuse incomplete work and "undone" work. To understand the difference, please see here. Ideally, you should be able to get to a perfect definition of Done before your first… Continue reading Understanding “undone” Work

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Scrum: What is the difference between “Undone Work” and “Incomplete Work”?

All work that needs to be done by cross-functional (Product) Development Team is in the Product Backlog. Each item in the product backlog (product backlog item, PBI for short) is expressed in a way such that the value of PBI is transparent to the Product Owner. ¬†During the Sprint, the Development Team works on the… Continue reading Scrum: What is the difference between “Undone Work” and “Incomplete Work”?