Scrum Master Tips: One Practice to Identify and Reduce Risks During Sprint Planning

Some time back,  I was in a Sprint Planning meeting with my team.   Listening to the conversations, it was clear that the team had a pretty good idea on what to do and how to do, but, I sensed

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Ten Tips to make your Daily Scrum more effective

Learn 10 tips that can make your Daily Scrum more effective

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Scrum: What is the difference between “Undone Work” and “Incomplete Work”?

All work that needs to be done by cross-functional (Product) Development Team is in the Product Backlog. Each item in the product backlog (product backlog item, PBI for short) is expressed in a way such that the value of PBI

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What Stops you From Really Listening to Others?

Joyce Brothers, an American psychologist said that “Listening, not imitation, may be the sincerest form of flattery”. Listening is more than comprehending the meaning of what someone says. Sometime ago, I wrote an article on if you are listening to respond or

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Scrum is not a Substitute for Common Sense

Have you encountered these situations below? We are adopting Scrum, I want my team/management/organization to listen to me, but they are not listening to me, what should I do? Scrum says self-organizing teams, so I (manager/scrum master) am going let them

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How Long Should my Sprints be?

When organizations are adopting Scrum, they are always confronted with how long their Sprints should be. Scrum merely provides guidelines that Sprints can be anywhere from 1 week to 4 weeks long. The Sprint is a feedback loop, providing an

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Are you Listening to Respond? Or Listening to Understand ?

As a coach and facilitator, it is not uncommon that I get pulled into resolving conflicts. And before I agree to facilitate, I work out some “working agreements” or behaviors which will be adhered to, during the discussion. Among other things,

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