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20 Ways Scrum Masters can (intentionally or unintentionally) crash your Daily Scrum !!

  1. Not knowing the purpose of Daily Scrum or its participants
  2. Changing the meaning of Daily “Scrum” by calling it daily stand up (and changing it to a status meeting)
  3. Prevent the Dev. Team from owning the Daily Scrum by setting up the calendar invite and meeting rooms/video calls
  4. Assembling the team (in-person – “ok folks, its time for Daily Scrum”) or be the “leader” of the conference bridge and open the video/audio call 
  5. Ask the three questions during the Daily Scrum
  6. Directing people to talk  in a round Robin fashion by calling out Dev. Team members’ names
  7. Intentionally/Unintentionally encouraging the Dev. Team to speak to them (SM) instead of encouraging the Dev. Team members to speak with each other
  8. Attend every Daily Scrum 
  9. Never attend any Daily Scrums 
  10.  Unable to “sense” impediments outside of Daily Scrum. So, using Daily Scrum as the place to get information on Dev. Team’s impediment
  11. Unintentionally allowing/encouraging the Dev. Team to wait for the SM to start the Daily Scrum (even if they gather on their own)
  12. Updating the teams JIRA/Sprint Backlog/burn down chart before/during/after Daily Scrum 
  13. Not teaching teams how to make their Daily Scrum effective by helping them understand various other techniques other than the three questions
  14. Not knowing how to be a “fly on the wall” and so standing in the circle (or being on the video call), with the Dev. Team and being a co-equal member of the Dev. Team 
  15. Not enabling the Dev. Team to reflect on the effectiveness of their Daily Scrum on their own 
  16. Using Daily Scrum as a status meeting and sharing progress of the Dev. Team to outsiders
  17. Encouraging /allowing others (e.g. Project Managers?) to use Daily Scrum as a status update meeting 
  18. Taking notes during Daily Scrum for the Dev. Team  or for others
  19. Answering a question by a Dev. Team member that should legitimately be answered by a fellow Dev. Team member 
  20. Subtly acknowledging (by not saying anything) when team members talk to SM (instead of each other) 

Of these dysfunctions, which dysfunction have you seen the most? And how do you encourage Scrum Master to stop doing the dysfunctional practice? Please share your thoughts as comments

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