12 common Daily Scrum DYSFUNCTIONS

1. SM/PO PARTICIPATING in the Daily Scrum (assuming dedicated roles)

2. Dev. Team members EXPECTING the SM to be present for EVERY Daily Scrum

3. SM FACILITATING the Daily Scrum e.g. SM moderating discussions, SM calling out on who should speak next, selecting/imposing the format of the Daily Scrum, etc.  Or the Dev. Team members EXPECTING THE SM TO FACILITATE the Daily Scrum

4. SM, PO, or a team member ASKING THE 3 QUESTIONS & the team members answering the 3 questions to them

5. The SM/PO/team member BEING THE GATEKEEPER e.g. it does not start until they show up, they usually “open” and “close” the event

6. Dev. Team treating Daily Scrum as STATUS UPDATE meeting by answering the three questions (usually ending in “…. no impediments”) and NEVER stay after that Daily Scrum to change the Dev. Team’s plan (if necessary) for the next 24 hours

7. Dev. Team members NOT PAYING ATTENTION to what other Dev. Team members are saying. They wait for their turn and tune out after they speak

8. ALL Dev. Team members NOT ATTENDING Daily Scrum

9. Dev. Team members FOCUSING ONLY ON THEIR INDIVIDUAL WORK and not seeing the Sprint Backlog as “team’s work” towards achieving the Sprint Goal

10. NOT having the Daily Scrum at the SAME PLACE and at the SAME TIME

11. NOT having the Daily Scrum DAILY

12. Having Daily Scrum THROUGH EMAILS/SLACK/IMs instead of having a live, synchronous conversations

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