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[Product Owner – Dev. Team] Ladder of Empowerment

"Scrum Teams are self-organizing and cross-functional. Self-organizing teams choose how best to accomplish their work, rather than being directed by others outside the team." - The Scrum Guide. When the whole  Scrum Team is self-organizing (in addition to the Dev. Team being self-organizing in executing the Sprint Backlog), understanding the context of Product Owner -… Continue reading [Product Owner – Dev. Team] Ladder of Empowerment

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Scrum: folktales, facts, alternate- facts, and other nonsense !!

Scrum, today, has become the most popular framework. Naturally, the folklore around it also has grown over the course of time.  Scrum was first published in 1995, and Scrum Alliance officially founded in 2001.  During those times, the main source of Scrum was the creators of the framework.  Naturally, word of mouth has its limitations… Continue reading Scrum: folktales, facts, alternate- facts, and other nonsense !!

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Dysfunctional Product Owner Patterns

One PO per Development Team instead of one PO per Product One PO per feature/component/epic ("feature" product owner, "component" Product Owner, "epic" product owner) One "onsite" PO & N "offshore" PO PO being the bottleneck in communication, acting as in intermediately between the team & stakeholders/customers increasing the number of "hops" in communication PO not… Continue reading Dysfunctional Product Owner Patterns