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Five Things that Bricks Breaker Quest taught me about Agile Coaching


I very rarely play  mobile games, but this one got me. I will save you the trouble of me explaining this game by letting you watch this video. But here are some of the insights I got

  1. Look for high leverage points –  You very rarely target one brick at a time. Look for “gaps” where you can create maximum impact. You let your actions be self-reinforcing as much as possible.  So you will shoot the ball into crevices/gaps where it can stay the longest and create maximum impact (break bricks) for you
  2. Many times, high leverage points are not directly accessible –  So you shoot the ball on the wall and on to bricks and calculate where it would reflect and make its way to the crevices/gaps to give you the maximum leverage.  Think before you act
  3. Think where the ball will land before you shoot it – You don’t look at your just where the ball will hit, but where the ball will land so that you make it easy for yourself in the next step.
  4. You cannot foresee all next steps –  You cannot plan all the bricks the balls will hit ahead of time. Sometimes you miss. Sometimes you end up breaking things that you did not intent to which puts you at a disadvantageous position. Sometimes you end up in the cornered and you have to figure out how to get to a better position
  5. You don’t make it to level 59 in one try straight – The first few levels may be easy.  But as you move up, it becomes more challenging.  And you will fail all along the way. If you play level 59 the same way you played level 3, you will probably never clear it and move up. You will fail. You will have to learn. Pick yourself up and move on. Sometimes (or rather many times) you have to restart the same level. And you got to keep progressing…
If you think about your Agile Coaching as a mobile game, what will change for you?


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